Speaking on MSNBC's The Ed Show Monday night, the sharp-tongued Democratic congressman from Florida, Alan Grayson, delivered a fresh blow to erstwhile Vice President Dick Cheney (who now offers frequent exclusives to Politico on his critiques of President Barack Obama).

"What would you say to Dick Cheney to his face if you had the chance because he doesn't present himself to anybody that speaks the truth?" MSNBC's Ed Schultz asked.

Grayson argued that Cheney seems to be simply promoting his book.

"You know, honestly I think he's just trying to prime his book tour, his upcoming book tour," said Grayson. "He got $2 million to write about his memories, and he's trying to stay in the public eye in order to push sales for his book. That's what I think."

"I'm wondering, though, who's doing the introduction to his book? Is it Mephistopheles? I don't know -- maybe it's Satan."

Grayson previously wondered if the former vice president was a vampire, saying "blood drips from his teeth." He also drew flak for remarks on the House floor suggesting that the Republicans' healthcare plan was for Americans to become ill and "die early."

"As Franklin Roosevelt said, 'I welcome their hatred.'"

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