Anti-tax Congresswoman emphasizes 'spirit of sacrifice' at CPAC

The controversy-prone Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) offered her CPAC audience a brief Constitutional lesson on Friday, calling the pursuit of happiness the "fun" inalienable right in the Declaration of Independence.

Bachmann discussed her interpretations of the other two, "Life" and "Liberty," and took a unique perspective on the third.

"And the pursuit of happiness. Now this is the fun inalienable right," she said.

"Pursuit of happiness meant you and I have a right to our labor. We have the rights to the fruit of our labor... What I produce belongs to me, not the King, not the government."

Bachmann said "this was a radical concept in the history of mankind" that the United States first put forth successfully.

Speaking before the staunchly anti-tax crowd, the conservative Congresswoman emphasized the "spirit of sacrifice" and told a tale about American soldiers from World War II that nearly brought her to tears.

"And so I charge you again today, let us act with great courage, with that spirit of sacrifice, that spirit of nobility," she said.

Bachmann ferociously attacked government spending and accused President Obama of "intending to fail" and "choosing decline." She said Obama has "decided to swamp the boat with debt after his trillion dollar stimulus and the porky 9,000 earmarks."

Bachmann, however, is no stranger to earmarks herself. The Minnesota paper Pioneer Press noted that Bachmann this week issued two contradictory statements regarding her view of Obama's recovery package last year.

Bachmann questioned the program in a recent statement headlined, "Was the 'Stimulus' Really Worth a Trillion Dollars?" As the Pioneer Press pointed out, "[i]n a separate statement, Bachmann said she supports the $668.5 million St. Croix bridge project and was 'disappointed' it wasn't funded."

Bachmann also ripped Obama for insufficient love of "American exceptionalism" and said "we can't blame anyone for feeling despondent" when he apologizes for America's mistakes in the past.

Bachmann was introduced to the Tom Jones song "She's A Lady" by Hot Air's Ed Morrissey, who won the CPAC "Blogger of the Year" award. Morrissey called her "a Tea Party activist before the tea arrived."

This video is from C-SPAN, broadcast Feb. 19, 2010.

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