Update at bottom: Fox cuts away from president's Q&A for third day

The problem with preconceived shades of reality is that occasionally, someone comes along and knocks everything askew.

According to Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, that's exactly what happened when President Barack Obama spent an hour and a half swatting down House Republicans' questions, causing Fox News to "cut the feed."

It was almost as if the president could see the GOP talking points in "bullet time," Stewart joked.

It was "f***ing awesome," he exclaimed.

Stewart summarized the network's move simply.

"We're gonna cut away because this is against the narrative we present," he said, miming a Fox News executive.

"I don't know exactly how Fox News is produced," Stewart continued. "I can just only imagine at some point this event violated the prime directive, causing what I can only assume is a typically sedentary network exec to pack a year's worth of exercise into one feverish run down the hallway shouting, 'CUT THE FEED!'"


On Tuesday, Fox News cut short a town hall event in New Hampshire to air comments by a critic of health care reform. The conservative network did the same Wednesday while Obama was answering questions from the Senate Democratic Caucus. After only 2 minutes, Fox News cut off the president. None of the senators' questions were aired.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Feb. 2, 2010.