Sitting in for Countdown host Keith Olbermann, Lawrence O'Donnell talks with acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore about the upcoming vote in Congress on health care reform. In 2007, Moore filmed the documentary 'Sicko,' which investigates health care in the United States.

Asked what he would say to Congressman Kucinich as he faces the impending vote, Moore replied with "Thank you. Thank you. One vote out of 435 standing up for the 300 million. How truly sad is that?"

As O'Donnell and Moore touch on some of the specifics of the health care reform bill, Moore explains "If I drove up an old AMC Pacer here tonight and said 'here, Larry, I'm giving you a free car,' I don't think you'd say 'get the hell, get that out of here.' I think you'd say 'well, that's nice, Mike' and maybe you've got a sixteen-year-old you'd give it to."

"So that's what this bill is," Moore continues. "It's the AMC Pacer. It runs. But it really doesn't take care of the main problem which is the profit motive will still dictate everything. The insurance companies will still be in charge. Even after they, if you have insurance with them, and this is really what I had covered in this film, it was really about the people who have insurance, who, once they have it, then can't get the bill paid. Because they run you around, they're going to look for loopholes."

"Even.. You know what this bill says if they deny you coverage? Let's say they actually just say go ahead and say deny you because of a pre-existing condition, the fine is $100 a day. Per individual you have denied. So just think about that," says the Michigan native filmmaker. "The insurance company is going 'So, for a year, that would 36,500 dollars, but the operation is going to cost $100,000. You know what? I think we'll take the fine.'"

"The only eloquent voice I have heard in opposition, in actual political voting opposition to this bill, is from Dennis Kucinich," offers MSNBC host O'Donnell. Raw Story reported previously on Kucinich's willingness to cast the vote that kills health care reform. "The President went to his district today, to try to change his mind," notes O'Donnell, as was reported earlier on Monday. "Dennis Kucinich criticism coming from the left. Point by point, knocking down Democratic talking points." What would you say to Congressman Kucinich in the vote that he faces at this point?" Without hesitation, Moore responds with "Thank you. Thank you. One vote out of 435 standing up for the 300 million. How truly sad is that?"

O'Donnell then asks Moore "When the vote comes, if he's the decisive vote," O'Donnell queries, "Would you tell him to go practical in the end, or...?" "No. No, I would not," Moore says matter-of-factly. "No. If I were a member of congress, I think what I do is I would say 'I might vote for it, if, President Obama, you'll stand in front of the cameras and tell the American people that this doesn't really cover pre-existing conditions for the next four years. And the insurance companies are still going to get to make outrageous profits and they are going to be able to deny people care once they have insurance. Tell the people the truth of these things. And then we'll vote for those things that are great about the bill."

This video is from MSNBC's Countdown, broadcast March 15, 2010.

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