MSNBC host Keith Olbermann returned Monday evening, following the recent loss of his father, to discuss the historic passage of the health care reform bill. 

Speaking out in a Special Comment, Olbermann criticized Republicans for fueling opposition to the health care reform bill, placing blame for the weekend's racist and homophobic slurs leveled at Democratic members of Congress by Tea Party protesters.

"It has been the dedicated purpose, the sole method and sole function of the Republican Party, to entice them to act crazy," Olbermann said.

The MSNBC host claimed, however, that he was still offering a "cold" olive branch to conservative leaders.

"I offer this olive branch to the defeated Republicans and Tea Partiers. It is a cold olive branch, and scarred, and there aren't many olives on it, but it still counts," Olbermann remarked. "You are rapidly moving from 'The Party of No,' past 'The Party Of No Conscience,' towards 'The Party of No Relevancy.' You are behind the wheel of a political Toyota. And before the mid-terms, you will have been reduced to only being this generation's home for the nuts."

"You will be the Flat-Earthers, the Isolationists, the Segregationists, the John Birchers," Olbermann continued. " Stop. Certainly you must recognize the future is with the humane, the inclusive, the diverse -- it is with America. Not the America of 1910, but the America of 2010. Discard this dangerous, separatist, elitist, backward-looking rhetoric, and you will be welcomed back into the political discourse of this nation. Continue with it, and you will destroy yourselves and whatever righteous causes you actually believe in, and on the way you will damage this country in ways and manners untold."

The following video is from MSNBC's Countdown with host Keith Olbermann that originally aired on Monday, March 22, 2010. 

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