Quick! Name the Senate Parliamentarian!

Well, everyone knows who Alan Frumin is. Or will, once the Republican Party gets done making him out to be a democracy-murdering terrorist-humper.

Senate Republicans are waging a pre-emptive strike against the Senate’s parliamentarian — a hitherto little-known official who could determine the fate of the Democrats’ health care reform efforts.

In interviews with POLITICO, several Republican senators and aides cast Parliamentarian Alan Frumin — a 33-year veteran of the Senate — as someone who is predisposed to side with the Democrats if they attempt to use the reconciliation process to pass parts of their bill.


The reconciliation process has been used — by members of both parties — 22 times since 1974. But Republicans say that if Frumin allows Democrats to push through health care reform using reconciliation, he’ll experience a personal backlash and the Republicans will bring the Senate to a halt with procedural maneuvers of their own.

Of course, future fascist sockpuppet Frumin has presided over four Republican uses of reconciliation in narrow, partisan votes when Republicans held Congress (and Bush held the White House), which was fine, because of the patriotism and whatnot. However, now is totally different, because it's now "nuclear", which we remember from the 1950s and Rudy Giuliani's entire life is real bad!

I hope Mr. Alan Frumin enjoyed the life that he knew before he decided to be the government functionary who stood to destroy all that Republicans had worked to, er, destroy.