Sarah Palin was mercilessly mocked after getting caught reading notes off her hand during a question-and-answer session in February's Tea Party convention. But two Tea Partiers were apparently impressed, and flashed her a celebratory note on their own palms during an appearance on Fox & Friends Monday.

John Knapp and Eddie Roberts appeared as guests on the network's morning show to discuss a new billboard they created. They later flashed their palms at the camera, showing that they had written "Go Sarah" -- a clear reference to Palin.

Roberts's palm contained the word "Go" while Knapp's read "Sarah."

"We wrote it on our hands just for her," Knapp said.

The billboard, splayed along highway I-75 in northern Florida, read:

Now it's personal.

America's coming for you, Congress!

Vote Liberals out in 2010!

The Fox hosts showed a close-up of the billboard at three different points in the 5-minute segment for a total of roughly 40 seconds. It had American flags in three corners and "We the people" written on the bottom right.

The self-professed "fair and balanced" network has been accused of excessively hyping the Tea Party movement's influence as a grassroots uprising against a Democratic Congress and presidency.

Last year conservative author Bernard Goldberg, who frequently criticizes the "liberal media," blasted Fox News for "cheerleading" the Tea Party protests.

The liberal watchdog Media Matters released an extensive report in May 2009, just months after the movement's inception, explaining how Fox was "aggressively" promoting it.

In September, Media Matters obtained footage of a Fox newscaster stage managing a crowd of Tea Party protesters at a Washington, DC rally.

After discussing the billboard and their dissatisfaction with the Democratic establishment in Washington, they expressed their gratitude to the network.

"I would like to thank Fox News, if I might," Roberts said. "Without Fox News, the other major media really doesn't cover what's going on in the country, or the politics."

Fox host Steve Doocy responded, "Well, we've got to give all the sides, and that's what we do our best to do."

Doocy pointedly asked Knapp in the segment if he was "upset" at the government's desire to "jam this health care bill through," to which Knapp responded that it was it was "just one of a whole lot of things."

"Voters are angry, and they're sending messages," said host Gretchen Carlson, who described the billboard as an example of "anger and frustration at the federal government."

This video is from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast March 1, 2010.

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