graysonHouse Democrat Alan Grayson joined the growing number of Democrats who have reported threats of violence over their support of the health care reform bill.

In a Saturday interview on Sirius XM, a satellite radio company, the Florida congressman said a woman called his home last week and said on speakerphone that she would kill him if he voted for the health care bill.

Grayson alluded to an infamous event in the buildup to Nazi Germany when responding to the interviewer's statement about Republican claims that the abuse is "happening on both sides."

Republicans have condemned the abuse while simultaneously exploiting it. House Minority Leader John Boehner said the abuse was because “millions of Americans are scared to death."

MARK THOMPSON: How are your wife and kids? How’s your safety? ... With all of this stuff going on, have you been on the other end of any of this foolishness, these threats?

REP. GRAYSON: Yeah, yeah, when I was in Washington, D.C., last week, a woman called my home. I’ve got five kids, and I have twins who are 5 years old. One of the 5-year-olds hit the speaker button on the phone when it was ringing, and she said, "If you vote for health care, I’ll kill you." And my son went over to my wife and said, "There’s a lady on the phone who said she’s going to kill me." He thought that she was talking about him.

MARK THOMPSON: Yeah, this is crazy. And they’re suggesting ... the Republicans are defending themselves by saying this is happening on both sides. This is not happening on both sides.

REP. GRAYSON: Well, I think that’s what they said about the burning of the Reichstag, if I recall correctly.