Multiple media outlets ignore Republican's praise for Obama

One of the top names in the Republican party not only said he wouldn't pursue President Barack Obama's job in 2012, he also offered praise for the president.

But, curiously, multiple media outlets ignored the praise part of the interview, even the TV station which landed the scoop in the first place.

"Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush tells WHAS11 News he is 'not running for President,'" Joe Arnold reports for the Louisville, Kentucky station.

The Republican's name has been widely circulated in recent weeks as a potential contender in the 2012 race. A Jeb Bush candidacy would perpetuate the Bush political dynasty which includes the presidencies of his father and brother.

The Hill, Politico, The Wall Street Journal and Rupert Murdoch's NEWSCORE all reported the story, linking to the site and the video, but none noted that the former governor of Florida, son of one US president and brother to another, also complimented the Democratic opponent he would likely face if he chose to run.

"Reforms have to be done state by state," Jeb Bush told the WHAS11 reporter. "You can't impose the kind of reforms we had in Florida at the federal level, but you can have federal partners."

"This is one place where I think President Obama deserves some credit," Jeb Bush added. "He's challenging the states to be open minded about teacher effectiveness, accountability, about really focusing on the kids that have been lagging behind.'

He added, "I give him credit for that."

Then after walking away from the reporter, Jeb Bush greeted an unidentified woman with an embrace while joshing, "You hear me say something nice about your president?"

This isn't the first time Jeb Bush has praised Obama with regards to education.

Last October he told ABC's Teddy Davis, "The fact of the matter is, the guy is on the right track, and his [Education] Secretary is as well."

"Bush said he did not initially know that the new president was willing to cross swords with the teachers’ unions but he showered praise on the president for being willing to do so," ABC News reported.

Last year, Jeb Bush added, "I didn’t know at the beginning that that would be the case, but it’s happened and I think it’s really important for people to be supportive, and if there’s common ground, to express it, so kudos to the president for focusing on children first."

This video is from WHAS, uploaded July 27, 2010.