Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele is facing criticism from his own party after making controversial comments about the Afghanistan war. A puppet in the image of the chairman appeared on Comedy Central's The Daily Show Monday to explain himself.

Speaking at a fundraiser last week, Steele was caught on video saying that the Afghanistan war was a "war of Obama's choosing" and was probably a "lost cause."

Sen. Lindsey Graham called Steele's remarks "uninformed, unnecessary, unwise." Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol and Rep. Tom Cole all called for Steele to resign.

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart wondered Monday why Steele seemed to be standing against his own party's ideals. "Forget about the fact that we've been in Afghanistan since before Obama was a gleam in the Senate's eye," said Stewart. "Forget about the fact that this non-act of war has cost the United States thousands of casualties and focus on this: this is the head of Republican Party going against one of his party's core principles, blowing shit up in other countries."

"It's like Jews for Jesus. It's like Democrats for competence," joked Stewart.

The Comedy Central host welcomed Michael Steele's puppet to comment on his remarks. Stewart first interviewed the puppet posing as Steele in April.

"Fourth of July, babism!" exclaimed the puppet. "I'm feeling the thrill of the grill because you know I likes to chill. What! What!"

"Yes, I had to say I did not expect to you be this upbeat. Your comments about Afghanistan are very controversial," Stewart explained.

"I nailed it. I hibbled that jibble on a dribble," said Steele.

Stewart pointed out that Republicans like John McCain were questioning Steele's future as the head of the Republican Party.

"No, no, no, ain't no Republican Party like a Michael Steele Republican Party because a Michael Steele Republican Party don't -- the roof is on fire! We don't need no water!" replied Steele.

"I think you are confusing rap metaphors. Your anti-Afghanistan war stance is the antithesis of your party's basic platform," interrupted Stewart.

"I'm keeping it real Tatum O'Neal," answered Steele.

"How do you plan on diffusing your comments about Afghanistan?" asked Stewart.

"I do what I always do. Maybe I say something about 9/11 being an inside job or I get caught with a boy locked in my basement. A week from now nobody will even know I was talking about Afghanistan," said Steele.

"It ain't easy when you're running a ponzi scheme of stupid!" Steele concluded.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast July 5, 2010.