Update: If you want more info on this sour young woman named Lila Rose, Media Matters has a round-up. However bad you think she is, she's worse.

Please, I beg of you. Because the current system you're working under is a nightmare: Thinking sex is dirty, and waiting until you're really drunk before giving in and having unfulfilling gropings. Taking all that pent-up energy and channeling it into fantasies of being pimps and prostitutes that manage to be both lurid and corny. Then inflicting your silly sexual fantasies on the public as part of "sting" operations, where you justify your own would-be perversions with your sadistic desire to punish the vulnerable for daring, I dunno, to exist I guess. If you could just spend your youth like less-evil people did, by screwing around joyfully and maybe listening to some non-shitty records, maybe you would calm down and not be such terrible pieces of shit. At least you would lose some of that constipated expression that is the surefire marker of a young conservative, one that's common to Lila Rose, James O'Keefe, and Hannah Giles. And maybe the dudes would spend a little less time thinking about ways to play at being rapists, either in terms of playing pimp or, like James O'Keefe tried to do, trap female journalists in situations that basically scream "rape dungeon".

The latest "let's play pimp!" situation comes courtesy of Lila Rose, who really, really doesn't like women who just go ahead and have sex like it's a thing you just get to do. Her group, Live Action, sent a bunch of undercover hoaxers to Planned Parenthoods so they could pretend they were pimps (seriously, the well of conservative men who want a chance to play pimp is endless, isn't it?) in order to get "shocking" footage, and basically to do them like Rose's buddy O'Keefe did to ACORN. They didn't get a whole lot. One employee was egregiously unprofessional, and she's been fired, and that's about it. The second video that's out mostly demonstrates exactly how little Lila Rose can get done without aggressive editing:

As Jodi Jacobson notes, this video actually proves that the nurse at the Planned Parenthood was doing her job. She immediately went to her supervisors after the hoaxers left and alerted them to the potential underage prostitution. The video doesn't mention this, making Rose and her comrades big fat fucking lying sacks of shit. No surprise there. As I've noted before, Rose asked me to debate her, but when I insisted it be done in a style where she couldn't edit it, she balked. Someone who won't accept a fair fight is not an honest person, sorry.

It's also interesting that nothing the nurse says is wrong, illegal, or messed up. She offers medically and legally accurate information. The only thing she does "wrong" is not to leap up and lock the door the second the guy drops the vague term "sex work", and again, she immediately reported the visit, as she's supposed to. When I worked in banking and someone was trying to pass a bad check, we didn't immediately say, "Hey, wait here. I'm going to call the police." We fronted and acted normal, while quietly trying to report them. That's how this works.

What's really interesting about this second video is that it's only shocking if you have one or more of these assumptions:

*That young people don't deserve correct information or medical attention.

*That sex workers don't deserve correct information or medical attention.

*That sexually active women don't deserve HIPAA rights to confidentiality.

*That STD testing, contraception, and especially long-term contraception are too filthy to be spoken about, even in confidential medical settings with trained professionals.

I don't share any of these assumptions. On the contrary, I believe that all people---even women, even young women, even women who have accepted money in exchange for sexual favors---deserve basic human rights. I believe they deserve medical care, and that being sexually active in ways outside of how Lila Rose approves does not mean you should be doomed to have an untreated STD or an unwanted pregnancy. I think most people, if they think about it, agree with me. Lila Rose is hoping that a knee-jerk hatred of young women and sex workers will override reason and the basic rights of humans here. I think she's going to be surprised how many people don't agree that widespread, unchecked STD transmission and unwanted pregnancy is such a great fucking idea.