Donald Trump is seemingly everywhere: his really tall buildings grace the skylines of major cities, and the one-two combination of "Celebrity Apprentice" and his constant talk show rounds preceding a rumored presidential run have made him a fixture on television sets everywhere.

Trump is apparently not content with dominating just architecture and media — he wants to carve out a presence in bathrooms everywhere as well.

On April 7, Gawker reports, Trump filed for a trademark on the phrase "Success by Trump," for use as branding on "cologne; perfume; fragrances; after-shave lotions; skin moisturizer; shampoo; conditioner; deodorant; soaps for hand, face, and body; body powder; bath oil; bath gel; bath salts; [and] bubble bath."

Trump filed his trademark application noting "bona fide intention to use the mark in commerce" i.e. to manufacture and retail the line.

He already has a cologne, Donald Trump by Donald Trump, which fragrancenet notes has notes of mint, citrus and wood.

Image via WikiMedia Commons.