WASHINGTON – Former New Mexico Republican governor Gary Johnson wasn't fazed after musician Willie Nelson un-endorsed him for president in 2012.

"I didn't expect anything going in there. I do think the world of Willie Nelson. I'm a really huge fan but I wasn't expecting anything," Johnson told Raw Story in an exclusive interview, laughing and sounding somewhat amused. "I was kind of surprised that he would have endorsed."

The country music singer-songwriter and sometimes political activist recently endorsed Johnson, an outspoken proponent of legalizing marijuana, before taking it back Thursday and reiterating his support for Democrat Dennis Kucinich (who isn't running for president).

"My bad. Sorry," Nelson said. "I still think he is a good guy but so Is Dennis."

"The flip-flop, I assume, has to do with all sorts of reality factors," Johnson said, citing his commitment to balance the budget and other fiscally conservative positions. "I'm just guessing here."

"Willie Nelson aside, I've always openly wondered why any celebrity would endorse any political candidate because there's just no upside to it whatsoever," Johnson quipped. "But in this case he does have the Teapot Party and the Teapot Party's main issue is legalizing marijuana, so I thought I understood his reasons for endorsing, and welcomed it. I thought that was terrific."

"But it is what it is, and I think it has brought attention to the issue, and maybe I've gotten some attention out of it, so I'm certainly not negatively pulsed by this at all."

Johnson announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination one month ago.

Image via globalpunditorg, Creative Commons