A Twitter account associated with the hacktivist group Anonymous is claiming to have breached the security of defense contractor ManTech.

"A Wild Release Appears: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6571301- Fuck FBI Friday III: ManTech Mayhem | Have fun :-) #AntiSec #FFFriday #FFF" the tweet reads.

The linked file explains in more detail:

"Ahoy thar,

"Today is Friday and we will be following the tradition of humiliating our friends from the FBI once again. This time we hit one of their biggest contractors for cyber security: Mantech International Corporation.

"What ManTech has to do with the FBI? Well, quite simple: In Summer 2010 the FBI had the glorious idea to outsource their Cybersecurity to ManTech. Value of the contract: 100 Million US-Dollar. . . .

"Well done, good sirs. You failed epically. Because we pwned ManTech utterly and throughly; and we did not need hundreds of millions for it. In fact, we did not require any funds at all, we did it with Lulz."

An account at eWEEK suggests that the attack may have come in retaliation for the arrest earlier this week of a number of individuals suspected of participating in a distributed denial-of-service attack against PayPal last fall. A few days ago, a representative of the group tweeted, ""We are not scared anymore. Any threats to arrest us are meaningless. We are past threats. We just act. #AntiSec #FFFriday."

Anup Ghosh, CEO of Invincea, told eWEEK. "Make no mistake -- this is a failure of the security industry more than it is a failure of ManTech, Booz Allen, Northrup Grumman, and the National Labs."

Although ManTech is smaller and less wel known than the major defense contractors, it is both active in the national security area and politically well-connected. Its board of directors includes Lt. Gen. (ret.) Kenneth A. Minihan, who in the 1990s headed the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency, and Admiral (ret.) David E. Jeremiah, a former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.