On Friday night's opening segment of Real Time with Bill Maher, guest Ethan Nadelmann --executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance-- said that "the tide is turning" on marijuana legalization.

During the discussion, Maher and Nadelmann drew comparisons between the rising support for drug reform and the ever-increasing public support for LGBT issues.

Nadelmann said, "There's a very smart political activist named Ted Trimpa --who's very active in the gay rights movement-- who's been saying that 'pot is the new gay.' I mean you look at the Gallup Poll [sic] that's been coming out ...there's a lot of wind that's at our back now. But victory is not inevitable."

Maher and Nadelmann also discussed the recent report published by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, as well as Obama's record on drug reform.

Watch the entire segment below, originally uploaded to YouTube by user claw7man on July 8, 2011.