Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani took time out of discussion about the Sept. 11 anniversary Tuesday to evaluate his chances at getting the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

"I think if I were to run, I would have a chance of winning the presidency," Giuliani said during remarks at the National Press Club. "But I would have a hard time getting nominated. I'm a realist and I understand how the primary system works. So I would like to see if there's somebody that emerges that I think would be a strong candidate in the Republican Party for president. If somebody does emerge that I believe can win, I would probably support that person. If I think we're truly desperate, I may run. Which is the way I got elected mayor of New York City. Do you know what my slogan was? 'You can't do any worse.'"

"You just said you could not be nominated," National Press Club President Mark Hamrick told the former mayor. "What is it about the Republican Party these days that would prevent that from happening?"

"I didn't say I couldn't be. I said it would be difficult," Giuliani replied. "We would have to be truly desperate."

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