Democratic strategist James Carville is sure that Herman Cain's campaign manager was on something besides nicotine when he decided to smoke in a campaign ad.

"If that guy wasn't drunk, I hadn't taken a drink in my life," Carville said of Cain chief of staff Mark Block. "He was high as he could be. I mean, he was drunk or stoned. He had some kind of chemical in him. I guarantee you that."

"Herman Cain says funny things. He's not going to be the Republican nomination for president. I mean, what he is is a national distraction. Maybe not a bad one in this horrific recession, but let's be real."

Carville also blasted Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for being "a serial windsock" who was destined to win the nomination.

"Any time that you turn around, he's -- it's something else," Carville explained. "Once he uses any kind of adjective in front of it, you know he's getting ready to flip-flop. If he's very committed to it, that means that he's going to change positions. And if he's 110 percent for something, that means that he changing positions."

"You think there might be nothing standing in between him and the nomination?" ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked.

"I don't think so," Carville replied. "I can't imagine. Rick Perry's completely blown himself up. There's zero chance that Herman Cain is going to be the nominee. Unless, the only thing I can see is the Republicans just don't like him enough that he can't accumulate half the delegates as he goes through this, that these candidates just keep going and become such and irritant that he can't close the deal. But that's almost impossible to imagine."

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(H/T: Politico)