Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman may be trailing in the polls, but he has become the first of the candidates to put up a parody of former tobacco lobbyist Herman Cain's already-notorious "smoking man" ad.

Huntman's ad features his three daughters in horn-rimmed glasses and false mustaches

"Tomorrow is Friday, one day closer to the weekend," one deadpans.

"We strongly believe that our dad has the experience and proven track record to revive America's economy and create jobs," the second intones, adding, "Even if we didn't believe that, we'd still have to be here."

"We are shamelessly promoting out dad like no other family ever has," the third continues.

In conclusion, at the point where Cain's aide takes a drag on a cigarette, all three women blow soap bubbles in unison.

This video is from Jon2012Girls, posted to YouTube October 28, 2011.