Ken Burns -- the creator of the recent PBS documentary series Prohibition -- told Reason.TV that the current political climate in the United States is very similar to the lead up to alcohol prohibition in the 1920's, but not because of current drug laws.

"Alcohol is used by every culture, since there have been human beings," he said. "Drugs are a sub-cultural thing. Alcohol was something everybody did, so eliminating it required a great act of faith to take place."

"Drugs are not favored by a majority of people, so while there are lots of similarities, and the possibility of taxing and regulating marijuana as a hugely interesting consideration, once again its unintended consequences -- you have to be careful."

"I think it is so much like our political culture at the moment, lack of civil discourse, the demonization of immigrants, smear campaigns during presidential elections, all of this single-issue campaigning, all of this stuff resonates with today."

Watch video, courtesy of Reason.TV, below: