A group of more than 60 demonstrators in Portland, Maine marched from Monument Square to the University of Southern Maine on Monday to show their solidarity with the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters in New York City and elsewhere, Bangor Daily News reported.

The "Occupy Maine" protesters have been camped out in Monument Square since Saturday. The demonstrators are keeping the occupation legal by claiming 4 square feet of space per individual to "make or sell artwork."

The artwork being made? Protest signs.

The protesters are calling for an end to corporate personhood, progressive taxes and re-regulation of financial institutions. They also have some local demands, including viable public transportation infrastructure and bringing the men and women of the Maine National Guard home.

"I came to the richest country in the world," one of the protesters, who was born in Mexico City, told the activist group CodePink Maine, "and what do you know? It's not. People are hungry here -- as well as in the rest of the world -- people are sick, and even though there is enough to go around, they don't give it to the people who need it. The system isn't working for the people."

Watch interviews of the "Occupy Maine" protesters at Monument Square, uploaded to YouTube, below: