New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced last week that he wasn't running for the Republican nomination, but he could still end up in the White House in 2012 if Mitt Romney is the nominee.

In an interview aired Wednesday, Romney told NBC's Jamie Gangel that Christie would be on his short list for vice presidential running mate.

"Of course he would be on anyone's short list," Romney said. "He could take himself off the list and say no way, he'd have no interest. But the truth is that Gov. Christie is one of the leading figures in the Republican Party and of course, anyone who becomes our nominee is going to look at Gov. Christie and say, 'That would be a terrific person to have on the ticket.'"

"Do you think you would be a good match?" Gangel asked Christie.

"I don't know that I would be anybody's good match in that regard," Christie admitted. "But ultimately, that kind of thing is up to the person who is the presidential nominee to decide who they think is the best person for them."

At a news conference last week, Christie joked that the president might want a food taster if he were vice president.

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