In their reaction to Rick Perry's half-hearted foray into birtherism, MSNBC's Morning Joe crew gave a very grim assessment Monday morning of all the Republican presidential candidates.

Still in disbelief after the panel reenacted the Texas governor's interview with Parade magazine, Mika Brzezinski was forthright in her assessment of the GOP field.

"I'm disturbed," she told co-host Joe Scarborough. "You have a disturbing set of candidates in your party, I'm sorry. It's disturbing. Either they are walking around with slogans or they're crazy."

Scarborough said he had "no defense" for those seeking the White House in his party.

"This is lunacy," he said. "People will look back these candidates and just said, 'What idiots. What total, absolute idiots.' I'll suspect we'll do what Republicans do. All the idiots will be thrown overboard. We'll end up nominating the really boring Gerald Ford, Bob Doyle, John McCain type and get Mitt Romney, and maybe lose. There's got to be some sane conservatives out there."

WATCH: Video from MSNBC, which was broadcasted on October 24, 2011

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(Photo credit: Bogdan Miguiski)