Activists in Austin, Texas joined the "Occupy" movement on Thursday, with about 1,500 converging upon city hall for a demonstration that was still ongoing by the next morning.

Remarkably, there were no arrests. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo even praised the protesters for showing "how to exercise their right of assembly and right of free speech," according to The Austin American Statesman.

While protesters were not actually sleeping on city hall grounds, which was banned by city ordinance, they've managed to secure warehouse space blocks away from the site. Activists said they planned to travel there to rest, and return to city hall to continue the protest in shifts, which should enable them to maintain a constant presence, even if it's not a large one.

Organizers were planning to march on a Bank of American branch downtown on Friday, then on through Austin's famous Sixth Street district in an effort to maximize their exposure. A live stream was available through

This video was published to Youtube on Oct. 6, 2011.

Video by Stephen C. Webster.