Maher ended Friday night's episode of Real Time with a look at how Republican voters are more interested in a presidential candidate's religious beliefs than their native intelligence --by comparing them to failing Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

"Since all Republican voters really want in a candidate is a devout Christian who 1. doesn't know shit from Shinola; 2. is proud of that; and 3. isn't named Mitt, they should just go ahead and nominate Tim Tebow," Maher said. "Now, if you haven't heard of Tim Tebow, he's the college quarterback/religious nut the Broncos signed last year despite his having one tiny problem: he throws like a girl. I'm sorry, I take that back. Lots of girls throw. Naomi Campbell has a more impressive completion rate with cell phones."

Later, Maher mocked several of the Republican candidates' statements that Jesus told them to run for President.

He said, "Meanwhile, three of the Republican candidates have said God called them to be President. But seriously, if God really did call all three to run for President, isn't he just fucking with two of them?"

"Rick Perry, are you sure that was Jesus calling you, and not just the Vicodin talking? Maybe he was calling Luke Perry."

Watch the full segment below, originally uploaded by Mediaite on November 5, 2011.