In a recent post to text-sharing website pastebin, a hacker or hackers with the cyber activist group "Anonymous" claimed responsibility for stealing confidential data from the website of a military gear merchant whose customers are thought to be mostly former soldiers and members of law enforcement.

The website retails tactical and survival gear, weapons, uniforms and other merchandise geared toward members of the military. The hackers' post claimed that they had accessed the retailer's secure servers and scooped up all of their customers' data, including passwords and credit card information. The information was published online in a torrent file.

"Their customer base is comprised primarily of military and law enforcement affiliated individuals, who have for too long enjoyed purchasing tactical combat equipment from their slick and 'professional' looking website," they wrote. "What’s that, officer? You get a kick out of pepper-spraying peaceful protesters in public parks? You like to recreationally taser kids? You have a fetish for putting people in plastic zip ties?"

They also mocked the site's label of "hacker proof," saying that it wasn't hard for them to steal the servers' encryption keys and access their customer database. The hacker or hackers added that they had been in possession of customer data from for months, but their hack was accelerated because a fellow hacker was about to release the information.

The hack appears to be part of a larger themed campaign called "LulzXmas." The group's previous target, global intelligence firm Stratfor, saw their customers' credit card data posted online after it was scooped out of an unencrypted server on Christmas.

"We’ll continue to have ourselves a merry LulzXmas at the expense of capitalist pigs, corrupt public officials and all those third parties who cater to the continued oligarchic elite worldwide," the hacker post concluded. "We are your secretaries, your janitors, your babysitters, your IT guys, your bus drivers, your maids, your hard-working, driven and determined fellow humans. We could be sitting next to you in a coffee shop, scanning your goods at a department store or even fixing your busted-ass computer. We are here to stay, and by now, you had better damn well expect us, cause the time for simple 'lulz' is long past."