A Democratic Super PAC is occupying NewtGingrich.com, and they're not going to let it go without at least a few smarmy headlines.

In what should be seen as a kid-level marketing failure by the Gingrich campaign, somehow the former House Speaker failed to pay less than $10 to purchase his own name as a Web domain.

Because of that, NewtGingrich.com is now owned by the Democratic-leaning American Bridge Super PAC -- and they're putting it up for sale, in a manner of speaking.

The site has been configured to redirect users to things like articles about the Gingrich campaign's collapse in mid-June, his long cruise to the Greek isles, the websites of home lender Freddie Mac and jeweler Tiffany's, and his video ad on climate change featuring former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

If Newt wants that to stop, he could always just buy it off the PAC, which took out an ad on Craigslist, offering the domain to interested parties.

"As the people who brought you RomneyForSenate.com, it's not that we didn't have our own ideas about what to do with the site," they wrote. "But, in true holiday spirit, we figured it might go to someone with greater need than us. Maybe someone trying to get that added edge going into 2012, or perhaps someone who may have been too busy earlier in the year to secure it on their own.

"We thought of giving it away, but we wouldn't want to be accused of being socialists. So, make your best offer. We're asking for $1 million, but we'd be happy to accept $500,000 in bling. Heck in the spirit of Christmas we might even let it go for $10,000."

Gingrich aside, the only other candidate who did not snag their name as a Web domain is Texas Governor Rick Perry. To this date, RickPerry.com is just a placeholder site soliciting offers on the domain.

(H/T: The Washington Post)