By Grace Wyler

He may not have been a great presidential candidate, but there is no doubt that Herman Cain is a marketing genius.

In the lead-up to his hyped-up "unconventional endorsement" in South Carolina today, the one-time GOP frontrunner has teamed up with none other than Stephen Colbert to make sure that his political comeback doesn't go unnoticed by anyone.

Unable to get his name on the ballot in South Carolina, "candidate" Colbert threw his weight behind The Hermanator this week, urging South Carolinians to vote for the former pizza titan. The pro-Colbert SuperPAC — 'Making A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow,' or 'The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen SuperPAC' — even released an ad masquerading Colbert as Cain. [Video below]

Of course, it was all a joke, but Herman Cain knows an opportunity when he sees one. Now Cain is getting in on the action — Colbert reportedly announced tonight that he and Cain plan to host a rally for their non-candidacies in Charleston on Friday, the day after Cain's big announcement.

From the press release (via BuzzFeed):

"For a week now, Stephen Colbert has been calling on South Carolinians who share his values to vote for Herman Cain during this Saturday's historic GOP primary. Actually, he hasn't called on all South Carolinians yet; he's only up to "Brabham" in the Charleston phonebook.

Jr. Exploratory Committee Chairman Stephen T. Colbert said of Cain: "Herman is the only former candidate who truly shares my values. It's like our values were separated at birth. And our ethics are at least first cousins."'

The idea is completely bananas, but also kind of awesome. Colbert's absurdist brand of civics-cum-political satire is actually a perfect fit to resurrect Cain, America's first post-modernist presidential frontrunner. At the very least, it will put some of the fun back into what has become a very grim Republican primary.

Watch the Super PAC ad below.

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