Failed Republican presidential candidate John McCain's endorsement of current candidate Mitt Romney may being doing more harm than good.

At an event in South Carolina Thursday, the Arizona senator managed to confuse the candidate he was supporting with Democratic President Barack Obama.

"I am confident with the leadership and backing of the American people, President Obama will turn this country around," McCain told the Charleston crowd before Romney and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley both stepped in to remind him who he was campaigning for.

"Excuse me. President Romney. President Romney," McCain said, correcting himself. "President Romney will turn this around."

Following his narrow win in the Iowa caucuses this week, McCain had endorsed Romney at an event that went badly for the candidate.

After enduring McCain's corny jokes about the less-than-impressive Iowa win, Romney was forced to listen to hecklers and a woman who implied he was insulting Asians.

"I hope I haven’t put any Asians down," Romney replied.

Watch this video from CNN, uploaded Jan. 5, 2012.