In a video released on Tuesday, Reason.TV's Nick Gillespie gave three reasons why conservatives should support reducing U.S. defense spending.

"Conservative Republicans are happy to talk about cutting spending on the poor, education, and cowboy poetry readings, but they insist that spending on defense and homeland security be increased," he said.

Gillespie first noted that after World War II, Vietnam, and the end of the Cold War, military spending was reduced. Since the U.S. had formally ended the war in Iraq and was winding down the war in Afghanistan, now would be an appropriate time to cut military spending as well.

"The United States already accounts for about 45 percent of the planet's military outlays -- more than the next 14 countries combined," he added as his second point. "Most of those countries are our allies as well, so we should be able to stay safe while reducing our military spending."

For his third reason, Gillespie noted that Republican President Dwight Eisenhower was the first to warn of the dangers of the military-industrial complex.

"And right now, it's Democrats such as Defense Secretary Leon Panentta leading the cry for a blank check despite admitting that there are tons of duplicative programs in his department."

Watch video, courtesy of Reason.TV, below: