Radio show host and commentator David Sirota said Republicans may be wise to pick Ron Paul over Mitt Romney because of the former's strong support from independents and first-time Republican voters.

"I think Ron Paul could make a strong case, looking at the polling data, that he is a better nominee for the Republican party," he said during an appearance on The Young Turks. "I mean, you look at the results in New Hampshire, forty percent of Ron Paul's voters were people who hadn't voted in a Republican primary before. You look at a new CBS poll out this week that shows that Ron Paul gets more independent support than Mitt Romney."

"And I think it's because Ron Paul offers independents something that most Republican's don't. A critic of foreign policy, a critic of militarism, a critic of the drug war, a critic of big corporate bail outs."

"Now, I'm not endorsing Ron Paul," Sirota added. "I think his economic policies would be a big downfall for him, his civil rights policies would be a big downfall for him. But I do think he has crossover appeal if he was the Republican nominee."

Watch video, courtesy of Current TV, below: