Bright and early Friday morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C., a small group of Republicans were treated to perhaps the most bizarre attempt at rap music since "M.C. Rove" took the stage in front of the whole D.C. press corps in 2007.

As part of the entertainment during CPAC's Red Carpet Blogger Awards on Friday morning, occasional Fox News contributor Steven Crowder and rapping pal Chris Loesch, married to the conservative political analyst Dana Loesch, staged a live performance of their new song, "Mr. America."

While the actual music video of their conservative jive is graced by some level of production value, their live performance at CPAC unfortunately was not.

Reached for comment by Raw Story, Crowder explained they just wanted to try out "something that Conservatives haven't done before."

And now, it seems, the world knows why.

"With all this money afly you gon' be needin' a big freeze / I hate the size of the fed like Jesus hated the fig tree / As spending goes up, you gotta borrow some more / Borrowin' from the chinese, Oh My lord," they say over a beat. "Instead you just tax more, increasin' the size / Of the federal government yeah to George's surprise / You'll be done like Detroit man, no You ain't comin' back / Forget it, I'm out, I'm muzzle loading my gat."

Nearing the end of the song, the beat drops out after the two use the word "knickers" as if it were a racial epitaph, drawing laughs from the conservatives in attendance.

"What? Knickers? I can say knickers!" they exclaim.

Right after the pair dropped the k-word, the video shows what appears to be the only black person in the room standing up and walking away.

In an email exchange Friday afternoon, Crowder told Raw Story that he followed through with making the video because he "wanted to do something that Conservatives hadn't done before."

"As a Comedian I wanted to create a stand-alone music single, that also happened to be coming from Conservatives," he explained. "So I headed on down to ShockCityStudios in Saint Louis, owned by Chris Loesch, with nothing more than a concept. The idea; what if the founding fathers rose from the dead only to see how badly we've screwed things up? What you now see is the fruit of hard working professionals as well as the inability to pay our rap-video sirens in anything more than sandwiches."

The last time conservatives attempted to induce rapping at CPAC was in 2010, when they put a right-wing freestyle contest on the schedule. While it wasn't officially canceled, virtually nobody attended anyway.

The actual, produced "Mr. America" video had been published to YouTube on Friday morning -- which is where the photo on this story comes from -- but appeared to have been taken down by the time this article was published. Raw Story will update this story once it becomes available. (Update Monday, Feb. 13: The video has been published and embedded below.)

This video is from the Conservative Political Action Conference, published to YouTube on Friday, Feb. 10, 2012.

This video is from YouTube.

(H/T: The Huffington Post)