A website for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) appeared down again on Monday, just days after it was taken offline by a distributed denial-of-service attack allegedly launched by unknown members of the hacker group "Anonymous."

The site was down last Friday and remained offline all day before returning over the weekend. It was down again on Monday, and Twitter accounts associated with the hacker group openly mocked the intelligence agency's tech problems, saying: "Guys, fix your shit please."

Hackers over the weekend also attacked the websites of Scotland Yard, Interpol and the U.S. Census Bureau. While Scotland Yard and Interpol's websites returned a short time later, hackers said they had stolen a trove of files from the Census Bureau, publishing the file names online as proof of their antics.

A group calling itself "Black Tuesday" said it was responsible for the attacks on Interpol and Scotland Yard, but it was unclear what damage they did, if any.

The repeated attacks on the CIA's website are nothing new: hackers with the now-dormant “Lulz Security” group said last June that they were responsible for taking down the CIA’s website, which is of little significance to agency operations.

Reached by Raw Story, a CIA spokeswoman had no comment.