Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist who has invested in companies like Twitter and Tumblr, said at an event hosted by the Paley Center for Media that virtually everyone had become a media pirate because Internet content wasn't convenient for consumption.

Rather than trying to go after every infringer, he argued, copyright holders would be better served by making their content easily accessible on the Internet.

"When 99 percent of the citizens of the world are breaking the law, the question is, is this the right law?" Wilson said. "Everybody is a pirate. It is hard not to be a pirate in this world."

"When I talk to my kids about this, they cannot imagine a world where the content sites that they use aren't available because that is how they get the content," he added. "We've got to fix the system so that the content is available legally on the Internet in a way that is convenient for people to consume it. As convenient as turning on your TV and watching HBO. That's how convenient it has to be."

"The content industry has not made this content convenient to access on the Internet and as a result everybody -- and I mean everybody -- is a pirate."

Watch video, courtesy of Fora TV, below:

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