A small group of anti-war activists in Utah hopes that a billboard with the words "Bomb Iran" will get people to stop and think twice about waging a new war.

Billboard creator Connor Boyack told Raw Story that his group put up the sign in West Valley City last week because every Republican presidential candidate -- with the exception of Texas Congressman Ron Paul -- has been their escalating rhetoric regarding military action against Iran.

"The war drums are beating loudly," Boyack explained. "Sanctions are being supported, war is being threatened, and the nation seems primed for yet another middle eastern war. Our group objects to this and sees the same pattern that happened with the build up to the war in Iraq."

"This war would be immoral, offensive, unnecessary, and besides, we simply can't afford it."

Within the first day, the group's BombIran.org website received over 15,000 hits.

Although the billboard is scheduled to stay up for a month, it may be up longer if the donations continue to pour in. So far, they have raised almost $3,000.

"There has been some criticism that the design is confusing, and that was intentional," Boyack told Raw Story. "First of all, it's a difficult message to pack into a billboard, and we wanted to do it in a way that would cause people to think."

"We wanted people to be confused, to be curious, and to go to the website to find some resources that might persuade them away from that bias and toward peace. So the confusion is intentional and works in our favor for those who are open to changing their minds."

But far more people have been supportive than have been confused, according to Boyack.

"It's a message that I believe is resonating," he said. "There have been many supportive emails, including this one earlier today: 'I'm an Iranian American and wanted to say thank you!'"

Watch this video from KSL, broadcast Feb. 25, 2012.

(H/T: KSL, Deseret News)