Republicans wishing to get on the ballot in Laurens County, South Carolina can once again have premarital sex and watch porn on the Internet now that party leader who backed a so-called "purity pledge" has resigned.

FITS News first reported that Laurens County GOP chairman Bobby Smith quit his post on Wednesday during an emergency party meeting.

"I can confirm that he did resign as of last night," South Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Matt Moore told Raw Story. "We appreciate the services of Chairman Smith but following he pledge, he decided to resign."

The Executive Committee of the Laurens County Republican Party had unanimously approved a resolution (PDF) to require that candidates sign the pledge before they could be certified to appear on county ballot.

Among other things, the pledge (PDF) asked candidates to commit to the abolition of pornography and promise that they had never had sex outside of marriage.

Republican leaders at the state level quickly condemned the pledge as illegal an unenforceable.

“The state party does not endorse this action, and no county party can legally keep a qualified candidate off the ballot," Moore told The State. "It’s against state law to add anything on to [existing state requirements]."

"This pledge was too far over the line," Moore explained to Raw Story on Thursday. "We quickly distanced ourselves from it and don't support it."

The Laurens County Republican Party Executive Committee will meet next week to choose a new chairman.