Scotland Yard arrested a 27-year-old London man on Friday after he allegedly hacked into an abortion provider's secure database, compromising the private data of about 9,000 people, The Associated Press reported Friday.

The individual, an anti-abortion extremist who has not been named, allegedly claimed to be a member of the hacking collective "Anonymous," an online movement based on the premise that essentially anyone can be a member simply by claiming the affiliation.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service said the hacker did not obtain detailed medical information about their patients, but he did access a list of names and contact information of people who had communicated with the health provider online.

They tipped off police that the hack may have been related to a Twitter user. After a brief investigation, the account's owner was arrested, police said.

"Anonymous" hackers are not typically known for pursuing anti-abortion causes, instead largely choosing to hack  corporations, governments and other groups they see as threatening human rights, consumer rights and the freedom of speech.