North Carolina state senate candidate Bivins Hollar is not an unreasonable guy. He just wanted to be able to run for office and have a (now-deleted) video up on YouTube outlining his plans for ethnic cleansing in South Africa. Why is that such a big deal?

Hollar, 28, is running as a Democrat from Catawba County, although state party officials have made it clear that they not only do not endorse him, but "condemn any individual who uses his or her candidacy to spread fear and advocate violence regardless of their party affiliation.”

In the video below, Hollar detailed a plan to move "whites" from east to west in South Africa, "(t)hen basically push all the savages out by just shooting them." He went on to say that black South Africans should be relocated to a desert compound and starved to death.

When Charlotte Observer reporter Jim Morrill contacted Hollar to inquire about the ghoulish video, the candidate immediately denied responsibility.

The Observer quotes Hollar as saying, “I didn’t do it...I do not know what you’re talking about.” Then he placed the reporter's call on hold and the video disappeared from YouTube.

You can watch the clip, embedded pre-call via the Charlotte Observer's YouTube account, below: