After more than a week of heavy criticism and the loss of almost 100 advertisers due to sexist remarks Rush Limbaugh made about Georgetown student Sandra Fluke, Saturday Night Live's Taran Killam donned the shock jock's visage to poke fun at right-wing talk radio's most notorious "heavy-hitter."

"I called a Georgetown student a slut and a prostitute. And even though I apologized for my terminology, many of my sponsors have withdrawn their support --including the cowards at AOL, the sluts at TurboTax, and the prostitutes at the American Heart Association. But despite losing those and 89 other sponsors, I am not worried because I have new, better sponsors ..."

Killam-as-Limbaugh's new sponsors include the Syrian Tourism Board, Barney's Butt-Crack Balm, Moist Books, the Mosquito Breeders of America, and Depends for Racists.

Watch the full segment below, uploaded by Mediaite on March 10, 2012.