Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday that he would continue to campaign until Mitt Romney obtained all the delegates he needed to win the nomination.

"I was in North Carolina yesterday," he told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "Not a single person asked me to drop out and many, many people asked me to stay in... I was in Philadelphia last night, not a single person asked me to drop out, a number say they're proud I'm staying in. I've been campaigning in Delaware all day today. Not a single person has asked me to drop out. Many have said they're glad I'm staying in."

"I think it is fascinating that the voters in the states that have not yet voted think it is good to have a contest and the only people who ask me about dropping out are the elite media," Gingrich continued. "So I think this is a Washington, New York fixation. These are often the same people who wanted me to drop out back last June. I didn't do it then, I'm not doing it now."

Gingrich and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) are still in the Republican race for the presidency, but neither have a shot at closing the delegate gap before the Republican National Convention, which begins on August 27. Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) announced Tuesday that he was dropping out of the race.

Watch video, courtesy of CNN, below: