Renowned hip-hop radio host Jay Smooth roundly commended the decorum of Trayvon Martin's parents in his latest video commentary about the aftermath from the murdered teenager's story.

"What's been remarkable to me is the amount of optimism that's been at the root of these protests," Smooth said. "Because Trayvon Martin's family, after everything they've been through, they would have been entirely within their rights to step up to a podium to say, 'To hell with this so called justice system and to hell with this so called free county.' But they haven't done that."

"Trayvon Martin's family, with all of their incredible courage, and grace and clarity, have been in essence asking us to join them in acting on the fate that this system can still work, if we just push it hard enough."

George Zimmerman, Martin's shooter, faces second-degree murder charges.

WATCH: Video from Youtube, from April 30, 2012.