Mitt Romney is the most tone-deaf motherfucker to ever run for president. HANDS DOWN.

This afternoon at an event in Ohio -- which students apparently were forced to attend, if the gentleman falling asleep in the front row is any indication -- Mitt Romney yammered on about class warfare, and how President Obama is always attacking success, and why don't kids today have the bootstrapitude it takes to up and start a multimillion dollar sandwich chain like Romney's good friend Jimmy John did by borrowing $20K from the parental units.

Right. Because so many students have parents with an extra $20K just lying around for their kids' fledgling business ventures. Is this guy for real?

Oh, and by the way? Guess what chain of restaurants got smacked down by the NLRB for threatening and firing workers for engaging in union activities?

That's right! Good ol' Jimmy Johns:

The National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint Wednesday finding that Twin Cities Jimmy John’s owned by MikLin Enterprises unlawfully threatened, disciplined and terminated workers for engaging in union activities.

The complaint about the sandwich shop stems from a March incident where six supporters of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) were fired after protesting the company’s lack of paid sick leave.

Among the findings against Jimmy John’s in the complaint: “Disparaging and threatening pro-union employees on Facebook, removing union postings from stores, interrogating employees about their union activities, and threatening mass firings for union organizing.”

So with one speech, Mitt-(beta) demonstrates that he is out-of-touch with low-income and middle-class families who have kids in college (kids who fall into a vegetative state at the sound of his voice, if the kid behind Romney in the video is any indication), and that he pals around with people who are hostile to collective bargaining rights of workers.

It was a one-two punch of FAIL.

UPDATE: Many readers have pointed out that $20K in 1983 is over $50K today.