A top figure for the New Hampshire Republicans felt Tuesday that the push for equal pay for female employees is actually just a Democratic plot to help lawyers make money.

New Hampshire GOP spokesperson Tory Mazzola told WBIN-TV dismissed the thought of any legislation, such as the Lilly Ledbetter Act, helping women receive the same salary as their male counterparts.

"Instead of this being about fair pay it's really about a handout to trial lawyers because it expands the areas that people can sue their employers unnecessarily," Mazzola said. "If Democrats really want to help women they should focus on the fact that women saw the slowest economic growth and jobs during the last year. They're one of the demographics that are really struggling to find work and if they focused on jobs and the economy instead of political payback we'd be in a much better position."

WATCH: Video from WBIN-TV, from April 17, 2012.