Gil Paar, a veteran living in Racine, Wisconsin, said he upset to learn on election day that he couldn't use his Veteran Identification Card to vote.

In a video produced by the United Steelworkers, Paar explained that when he tried to vote in a school board election, he was told that his Veteran ID card was not an acceptable form of identification.

"I can use it anywhere in the United States at a V.A. hospital," he said. "It is good enough for everything else, but it amazes me that it is not good enough to use as identification to vote. It pissed me off."

He noted that if a veteran had a stroke, the state would take away his or her drivers license. Their only other form of identification would likely be a Veteran ID card.

Wisconsin's voter ID law was passed by the Republican-led state legislature last year and requires voters to present a state-issued photo ID when they cast ballots in federal, state and local elections. Other photo IDs, such as college ID cards and veteran ID cards, cannot be used.

The law was blocked last month by two separate state appeals courts in Dane County, who ruled the law was unconstitutional because it abridged the right to vote.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube on April 23, below: