Friday night, on "Real Time with Real Maher," host Bill Maher welcomed veteran newsman Dan Rather, long-time anchor of "The CBS Evening News." Rather is the author of a new book, called Rather Outspoken.

Rather's career as a news anchor was brought to an abrupt and ignominious end in 2004 when he and his organization acted on evidence they had that then-President George W. Bush's had gone AWOL from his tour of duty as an Alabama Air National Guardsman during the Vietnam War. Subsequent investigation has borne out the charges, but Rather's days as a major network anchor were over.

Rather stands by the story and his laments CBS's decision to prioritize political concerns over editorial ones. During his appearance on "Real Time," he discussed how in a media environment owned by a handful of giant corporations, the news has become "politicized" and "trivialized." The only interests that get served are those of the corporations, he said, not those of the journalists trying to report the news, and certainly not the interests of the audience watching at home.

Watch this video, embedded via Mediaite, below: