The criticism from one anonymous Wisconsin Democratic official of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) not financially investing enough into the recall election against Governor Scott Walker (R) is not felt by another inside party figure Tuesday afternoon, in an exclusive interview with The Raw Story.

In an exclusive interview with The Raw Story, Zielinski indicated that the DNC has been very supportive so far in helping Walker's Democratic challenger Tom Barrett and the recall campaign's efforts. Zielinski also was not worried about any criticism of the DNC's fiscal contribution, citing the election was not tomorrow.

"We're not done yet, they have plenty of time," Zielinski said. "We know they know the stakes, and we're confident that they'll be here for us. They have been here for us in the past, and they know how important this election is in our conversation with them."

Zielinski also indicated how the party's other prominent groups have facilitated their campaign against Walker.

"We've gotten great support from organizations like the Democratic Governors Association," he said. "Certainly President Obama's campaign here in Wisconsin has been incredibly helpful. The DNC has already been helping us connect with volunteers. We're comfortable and confident that they'll help us with the research to compete."

Zielinski added that the official's criticism was not reflected of what he has witnessed with the national party.

"Media conversations, that usually happens behind close doors, an anonymous source, but we're still in conversation with the DNC," he said. "And we are confident that they'll be there for us, and we close out these last 21 days to beat Scott Walker."

A recent Rasmussen poll shows Walker leading Barrett, 50 to 45 percent.