It's so exciting for Jesse and me to transition Pandagon to Raw Story after years of doing this by ourselves. Things will basically be the same here as they were there, except that we have an exciting new community to work with.

As for that community and the commenting, a few notes:

*For Pandagon regulars, the transition should be easy. Raw Story uses Disqus, and so all you need to do to sign in is use one of the many sign-in options Disqus creates for you.

*For new commenters, we follow Raw Story's Terms of Service. We have a couple more rules on top of that, however.

*The most important rule is the Stick Rule. That is, you must be as smart as this stick to keep commenting. (Rule written by the estimable Chris Clarke.)

*Stick to the topic at hand. Our comment section isn't a place for you to carry on grudges or work out your mommy issues.

*I haven't met a troll yet who can stick to either of those rules for very long, so I don't usually have more than that. But all the same: No trolling. Just don't. We don't care. Get a hobby.