Obama Girl is so 2008.

President Barack Obama's recent decision to support same sex marriage has inspired a new video where "Obama Boy" sings about his "crush on Obama."

"The day President Obama went on record saying he was pro-gay marriage, I came up with the concept and wrote the lyrics that day," John Duarte, who wrote and produced the video, told Raw Story on Thursday.

Duarte recruited Justin Brown to sing and play "Obama Boy" in the racy viral video.

"I called him up and I was like, 'Where you at right now? Like, come over to my apartment.' And he came over and I'm like, 'Sing this song.' And I gave him a beat," Duarte recalled. "He sung it and I'm like, 'Dude, you have to do this.' Yeah, I kind of peer-pressured him into doing it."

In the video, Brown, who is straight, plays a gay man wearing a tank top that reads, "I got a crush on Obama."

"Way Back in 2008? / You just couldn't relate?" he sings. "I put down my Prop 8 sign / Now I'm gonna make you mine / Progressive, caring, and kind."

"I can't wait to see you get hard on Romney in debate," the song continues. "Why don't you pick up your phone cuz / I got a crush on Obama."

"Gay marriage will soon be the norm / It makes me shiny and warm / You support me unlike the right / You're my rainbow colored knight / Stonewall is going to be crazy tonight."

Obama Boy concludes: "Open, Honest, and Out / That's what we're all about / Four more fantastic years cuz I got a crush on Obama."

Duarte describes the video as an "updated version of Obama Girl," a series of 2008 viral videos where singer Amber Lee Ettinger first declared that she had a "Crush on Obama."

"Obviously the original concept came about from Obama Girl," Duarte explained. "Kind of the idea of Obama Girl and gay marriage and the whole concept of Obama Boy being gay would be like the perfect video."

Even though Ettinger hasn't said if she will be supporting in 2012, Duarte said he would love see a future video featuring Obama Girl and Obama Boy.

Duarte pointed out the he has been an "Obama nerd" since the president's 2004 speech to the Democratic National Convention, but he said that the goal of the video wasn't necessarily political.

"I don't really consider this very activist," he noted. "Obviously there is a statement there and there is a belief, pro-equality, pro-gay marriage. But we definitely just wanted to entertain first and foremost. We're both not gay, but we're both pro-marriage [equality] and my two best friends are gay. So, we definitely care about the issue."

Watch this video from ObamaBoy2012, broadcast June 10, 2012.