The activists at have launched a plan to have presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney trailed around the country by a Cadillac with a fake dog, dubbed Seamus II, on the roof.

Romney's multi-state bus tour was already successfully derailed on Saturday, when 150 to 200 protesters -- some of them brought out by MoveOn -- showed up in advance of a scheduled stop at a Wawa mini-mart just off the Pennsylvania Turnpike and forced the candidate to go further down the road for his meatball sandwich.

Now the group has released a video in which the enthusiastic young team of Andrea and Rob announces their plan to followed the campaign bus in their own Cadillac Escalade "Romney Mobile" for an "Every Millionaire Counts" tour -- complete with Seamus II on the roof.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by karinmoveon on June 15, 2012.