Tea party darling Rep. Allen West (R-FL) on Saturday doubled down his suggestion that Democrats were racists by insisting that the "true racism" was that white liberals wanted to be the "masters" of black conservatives.

West created a controversy last week when he said that President Barack Obama had proposed raising taxes on the wealthiest earners because he wanted Americans to be his "slave[s]."

"He does not want you to have the self esteem of getting up and earning and having that title of American," West explained. "He would rather you be his slave."

During a Saturday interview on Fox News, host Mike Huckabee asked West to defend his remarks.

"We are creating economic dependency and I call it slavery," West insisted. "It's a different form of slavery. It's not physical, but it can be even worse because it trounces the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit of the United States of America."

West also blasted a Los Angeles Times editorial for saying that Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus had "America's dirtiest job" because he had to justify the congressman's outrageous statements.

"[F]or these white liberals to have this condescending manner toward black conservatives, that we need to have approval from our -- quote -- unquote -- I guess, 'masters' for us to be able to speak," West opined. "See, that's where the true racism really lies, governor, is with the white liberals who see someone such as myself that broke away from their dependency class and is out here and able to possibly contend against them with the policies that they are promoting, which is destroying the black community."

Watch this video from the Fox News' Huckabee, broadcast July 7, 2012.

(h/t: The Right Scoop)