Following a bad few days in the United Kingdom for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, his wife, Ann, did a little bit of pandering by volunteering that she and her husband adored Downton Abbey, a British television drama that glorifies the class system.

During an interview that aired on Thursday, CNN's Piers Morgan asked Ann Romney if her husband was an "emotional chap."

"What was the last movie where you saw a Mitt tear trickle down his eye?" Morgan wondered.

"Actually, what we do when we're together now, because we're so rarely together and we're trying to get through season two of Downtown Abbey," Ann Romney replied. "We love it!"

"This is a bit like Downton Abbey here," Morgan noted, pointing to the Olympic equestrian center where Ann Romney's German mare, Rafalca, will be competing in a type of horse ballet called Dressage.

Actress Jessica Brown-Findlay, who plays Lady Sybil Crawley, revealed last year that Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were also big fans of the show.

And Stylist's Tanya Gold thinks she knows why.

"Do they like it because Downton Abbey is an advert for the class system, and thus for a constitutional monarchy, and thus for them?" Gold wrote. "If so, they are watching a promotional video for their own existence. ... [I]n the TV version, the baddies are always servants; in fact, they are the servants who hate the class system and moan about it. The toffs, meanwhile, are saintly; even Edith, who used to be a bit evil, is now throwing concerned looks everywhere."

"Why do the future king and queen spend Sunday evenings on the sofa watching the soap described above? I’ll tell you. A lot of money is spent trying to convince the general population that the royal family is different from us (and better than us) and therefore need huge subsidies, to spend on holidays and clothing and servants," she added.

"And now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have come out to say they love Downton Abbey. By their taste in TV shall thou know them."

Watch this video from the CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, broadcast July 27, 2012.